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Content Calendar Planning

Social Media Content Planning
Plans starting at $349/mo

Your social media platforms are how you connect with your customers in a more personal setting. Not only should your channels share news and information, but also develop content that is entertaining and helps define your brand voice.  

We do the work to see what specific trends and types of content your audience resonates with, and on what channels. Your social channels should each have their own voice and voice and CCM can help you define that voice as well as consult on or create the content that will bring your potential customers coming back for more.

Digital Ads Platform Management (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc)

Paid Advertising Across the Net
Plans start at $399/mo

When you utilize advertising platforms like Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, etc. you extend your brand messaging outside of your social channels to get in front of potential customers that may have never even heard of you in various places like the games they play on their phone, on the news websites they read, etc. 

Going beyond simple campaign management, CCM can create entire marketing funnels to move your potential customers between key points such as discovering your brand, realizing what your brand does, all the way to purchase while ensuring proper messaging and design in your ads at the right times. 

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Community Management Planning

Manage your customer relationships across the Internet
Services start at $649 for total plan development, inquire for monthly management

In today's digital world of comment sections, subreddits, forums, Facebook Groups, etc. your most devoted customers have already stood up online communities related to you or your products across the web.

One of CCM's main focuses is understanding this complex ecosystem of social media platforms and websites where your potential customers congregate and how your brand should engage with them in these third-party platforms. Learn how to get your customers involved in product development, view your brand as a personable identity, etc.